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BY: Da`Yonna Beverly

Set limits:

  • It's important to set limits for your child because they can help the child learn self-regulation and self -disciple.
  • When setting limits make sure that you state your limits clearly, set the limit and explain it, have knowledge of the child's feelings, and give alternatives.
  • YES, if you go beyond your limits it shows the child that you are not stern and don't mean what you say.

Encourage independence:

  • Your toddler wants to have more independence so they want to do everything by themselves.
  • It will get messy with things like self feeding, but if you have unbreakable dishes, then the process is easier.
  • Encourage independence by: encourage them to dress themselves, feed themselves, and do things by themselves.
  • You don't want your child to be dependent, and you want them to have their own daily routine.

Promote sharing:

  • Help your child develop sharing skills by encouraging children in activities that envolve other children.
  • limit the materials available to play with
  • make clear what behavior you are trying to introduce
  • praise when your child does what you want.

Dealing with aggressive behavior:

  • Your child might demonstrate inappropriate behavior by biting, yelling, screaming, kicking,etc.
  • If your child demonstrates aggressive behavior , you should find the cause of the problem and resolve it.
  • Give your child a teething toy or a soft cloth. Also look at her and say firmly Don't bit him because it makes him cry. Show her that there is other things to chew on.
  • If your child is hiting over sharing a toy tell them firmly that hitting is not okay and put them in timeout. nstead of timeout you can distract them from the toy, or talk to them.