Smith Elementary Library News

September 2019

Library Learning

The first weeks of school are remembering library procedures, especially for our youngest Sabers. Students are allowed two books which they may keep for two weeks. Many students choose to return books they finish the following week in order to check out new titles. If a book is overdue students are allowed one checkout. If both books are overdue no checkouts that week. Please check the check out schedule at the end of this newsletter.

Kindergarten will spend the first month of school learning about the library, proper library behavior, book care at school and home, and listening to great stories. Their first check out may not occur until October and for the first semester they check out one book. They will bring home a practice library book to learn responsibility of returning a book. Once they have successfully learned checkout and returns they get two books second semester.

Searching Our Library Catalog of BOOKS!

You can search our Smith Elementary Library Catalog from anywhere you have Internet! Just click on the link below and select Smith Elementary! You can search by Keyword, Title, Author, or Subject. Or you can choose the "Visual" tab and search by Picture!

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Smith Elementary Library Catalog

We recently updated the Destiny catalog so students will be learning how to use this new format. Currently you can see our latest additions. Students can log in by clicking on the upper right corner Log In button. They enter their I.D.# and then the password is their first and last name initials in lower case. By logging in students can place holds on books that have been checked out, make book recommendations and write reviews.

They may also choose not to log in and just search for books.

Recommended Reads

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Smith Library Catalog Home Page

If you click on the 3 lines in the upper left corner, you can choose our original Destiny. This will take you to the traditional Home page the students have been familiar with in past years. This home page has multiple links to helpful websites. Just click on a tile and you will be redirected to that site. Most are free sites but there are some databases that the district has purchased for our students. The username for these is helena11 and the password is student.

Because the new platform is still being tweaked students may prefer the older format. Currently this seems to be the best site to place holds on books. Click on the Catalog tab and they may search here. They can customize their search for keyword, title, author, subject, or series in the traditional platform. The default search is keyword. I have taught them that is the broadest search as it includes anything that mentions their search term. Unless they know the title I've told them to choose a subject search to narrow the choices.

In the coming weeks we will be learning the new platform and discovering all that it has to offer!

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Library Check Out Schedule

Monday - McBride 3rd grade

Tuesday - Heun 5th grade

Wunderlich 4th grade

Thennis 2nd grade

Ferriter-Day 2nd grade

Wednesday - Callahan Montessori

Jacobs 3rd grade

Bartell 1st grade

Marshall 1st grade

Wright Montessori

Thursday - Ramirez 5th grade

Jones 4th grade

Friday - Beaver Montessori

Hasselbach Kindergarten

Richardson Kindergarten

**Kindergarten will start checking out books in October. Watch for a practice checkout book to come home soon!

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International Dot Day

The week of September 16th we celebrated International Dot Day. All classes heard The Dot by Aaron Reynolds. Each grade completed a different "dot" project ranging from coloring a collaborative dot to building the tallest tower with dot stickers to building with Dot candy and toothpicks to creating pictures with dots. Our students are very creative!
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Hogwarts Lego Masterpiece!

A dear friend has donated several Lego structures to our library. The latest addition has the students google eyed! Hogwarts castle is capturing everyone's attention!