Chinese Mask Art

Leap into the world of masks

Background of Chinese masks

A mask is an object normally worn on the face for protection or entertainment. There are other masks that over the whole body, and finger masks for storytelling. In china there masks were started for religious purposes. The masks were for protecting the home, and symbolized protection against disasters. Chinese masks were made out of numerous things like stone and metals. They were also made out of leather, cloth, paper, and grass.

Chinese mask style

Chinese masks resemble faces, with dragons. They put a lot of emphasize around the eyes, and the addition to their masks. they are either really simple, or extremely detailed. I would say there style is more animal. They do a lot with the dragon look, and even make face masks that resemble the movement of a dragon. I think the main elements for this art would be line, shape, color, texture, and space. Principles of art that are demonstrated here are balance, unity, emphasize, and movement.

My Opinion

I think the chinese masks are very different. They have so many types that seem to come together and still resemble off each other. Some are simple with paint, and others have a delicate design to it. They also are carved and not. There are a lot of options, and every mask looks like it has it's own personality. I enjoy looking at the chinese masks, because i feel like they are telling a story with just to way they look.