Florida Panther- Missing

-South Florida faces the loss of the Puma concolor coryi-

The Puma concolor ranged throughout most of the south. They could be seen in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

What to look for:

  1. Adults are a uniform tan color with lighter fur on their lower chests, belly, and inner legs
  2. Shades of individual animals may vary considerably from grayish to reddish to yellowish
  3. kittens are spotted, which helps to camouflage them in the shadows of their den
  4. Long round tails (nearly two-thirds the length of their head and body)
  5. Flat, broad, arched nasal bone is distinctive from other subspecies of cougar

Why should you care?

As the top predator in its South Florida habitat, the panther is a necessary element in regulating the food chain. Predatory hunting by panthers helps keep the numbers of its prey--deer, wild hogs, and raccoon--in balance.