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Classroom Updates

Super Short Week...

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the nice little break. I know I did! ;0) We have a super short week this week. Tomorrow the students will be taking their Vocabulary Test over Bio- words. Also, the Social Studies projects are due and we will start building the class time line for the American Revolution.

In Social Studies we are continuing on with lesson 3 of the American Revolution. We are hoping to be ready for a short quiz on Friday.

In ELA we are just super focused on preparing ourselves for the FSA writing test coming up on Monday, Feb 29th. I am conferencing with each individual student to discuss strength and areas for improvement. We are going through several trial runs so that we are comfortable with the procedure and time constraints of the test. The kids have made great improvements since the first practice writing we did together at the end of January. I am very confident we will be ready to for the test!!!!

I will remind you when the test gets closer, but just make sure your child is well rested, fed a balanced healthy breakfast, relaxed, and feeling confident the day of the test. There is no need to apply any additional pressure or stress. A positive and confident student always performs better on these types of assessments.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the FSA writing test please contact me. I am happy to help!


Mrs. Bouslog