By: Yuli I. & Lillian B.

Back Ground On Shakespeare

Shakespeare was know as "The Bard" for being one of the most famous poets ever known.

Born in Stratford- Upon- Avon


Accomplised Man

Being a Accomplised Man for Shakespeare meant of being a Leading Actor and Poet.

He was also the owner of the Globe Theater.


Shakespeare was a very well known man because of his plays like Romeo & Juliet and A MidSummer Night Dream. Which he also acted in those plays.

He also invented the words puke, assasiantion, bedroom, and bump.

1564- 1616

Shakespeare was a amazing man but there is a huge mystery that people still wonder about. How did Shakespeare Die? Was it becuase of a muder, suicide, or some kind of disease. Nobody knows its is a tragic mystery but everyone will miss him.