Allied Forces


America, Britain, & Russia

Government of The United States

America was a democracy country and supported the war in many ways, including a wide range of volunteer efforts and submitting to government managed rationing and price controls. America had the largest military power in the world.

Government of Britain

Britain was a coalition government with a democratically-elected parliament & constitutionally-limited monarchy. The Government was made up of political figures from across the parties and with links to big business and the trades unions.

Government of Russia

Russia was under the dictatorship of Stalin but at the same time it was a totalitarian country. Russia started out fighting with Germany, but switched sides when they were attacked by Germany.

How They Became Allies

The U.S. and Britain started as allies when the U.S realized they could not fight by themselves and win. After the events at Pearl Harbor, Russia chose to side with America and Britain. After Hitler invaded Russia, Russia decided to side back with Britain.