Where is Middle-Earth?

It is in Russia!


The landscape of Russia has fertile soil and has many different landscapes and climates due to its enormous size. Russia's culture includes many of the arts like singing and has many traditions like wearing colorful folk costumes. As you can see, Russia's beautiful and various landscapes and it's upbeat culture makes it the perfect Middle-Earth!


Russia would be a good Middle-Earth due to its mystical mountains, luscious grasslands, and various geography. For example, the Lonely Mountain can be represented by Mountain Ingushetia. Mount Ingushetia has many castles and an alluring mountain in the background, and with a few minor changes it can represent The Lonely Mountain perfectly. The mountain is rich with minerals, just like The Lonely Mountain.

Counter Claim

Another reason that Russia would be a really good representation of Middle-Earth would be because in The Hobbit the scenery changes a lot. One minute they're walking through a nice plain and the next they are in a mountain trying to stay alive. In Russia, since it is so big, the scenery there changes a lot too. They have things like castles, to rivers, to forests.


I feel like Russia would be a great Middle-Earth sue to its various landscapes and mountains. It would make a perfect representation of a world that J.R.R Tolkien created.