About me project

By: Riley Lapp period 6

3 words

3 words to describe me are chill Im laid back and fun to be with,funny I make people laugh,and athletic because I play basketball and football.

2 interesting people are

Eli manning quarterback to my favorite football team the Giants and my friend Taylor he's my best friend and really funny

3 favorite belongings are

My playstation cause I play it all the time, my phone cause I use it all the time, my kds/shoes cause they are comfy

A bizarre or funny monent

Is my friends dog bit him on the hand when the were playing and he had to go to the hospital,it was really funny

A smell that I enjoy

Is popcorn cause it smells really good

A big news event from the year I was born

In 2000 valmidir Putin became president of Russia

5 favorite songs are

  • ASAP rocky, long live asap
  • ASAP rocky, big spender
  • Migos, first 48
  • Migos, bricks
  • Fetty wap, my way

5 goals for my life are

  • Graduate high school
  • Get a good job
  • Become rich and successful
  • Buy a baby jaguar
  • And get a big house

A inspirational quote

You only live once but if you do it right once is enough

Menu of my favorite foods

For breakfast I like to have bacon and eggs. For lunch I like McDonald's. For dinner I like spaghetti. For a snack I like poptarts