Six Years Old

Hey brown eye boy! You're growing so quickly. Just the other day you were this tiny bundle of joy incapable of nothing more than bringing joy and love into our lives, now you're the one winning all the Concentration games! How do you do it? You must have a trick up your sleeve! You're lovely. You're able to hold proper conversations with adults and the vocabulary you use surpasses the vocabulary level for your age level. You are so smart Nolan. I love you.


You are now ten years old. Ten years of age. My young man Nolan. You're growing up so fast! You're now into the whole social network craze. You post a lot of pictures of Noelle and your science constructions on there. When did you learn to use a computer? Was it at school. You're so smart. You're also going on your first school camping trip. It's for science class. The teachers have been very thorough with the preparations and I have spoken to you a million times so I am not worried about you. You're a very smart and strong willed boy. I think I'm more excited for you than you are for yourself.

Family Love

We will be your rock, your strength, and your love whenever you need us to be. We love you Nolan.