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Wednesday 9-3-2015

Otto Perez alone on the beach

Otto Perez, alone and on the bench | Sep 04, 2015 | 24:24


The Guatemalan former president Otto Perez Molina on his second day of hearing.

For Maye First mayepri from Guatemala City

No troops or government under his command alone against justice l or Thursday accused of three counts of corruption and dictated detention in a military barracks, the former general and president Otto Perez Molina keeps referring to himself in the plural.

"We will face the due process, we will face what you have to face. We are not willing to flee " , she said Thursday upon entering and leaving the first hearing of more than six hours where the prosecution accused him of leading network of customs fraud known as the Line; which came as Chairman and left as a prisoner. The Associated Press

GUATEMALA (AP) - Otto Perez Molina spent his first night as a former president of Guatemala in military custody after the historic day on Thursday in which he resigned and Congress invist country ...

Otto Perez Molina spent the night in the barracks of Matamoros , located in the heart of the capital, and this Friday was taken to the Tower of Courts -a eight minutes away- shortly after 7:00 am in the morning.

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At 9:30 he was in the courtroom -of gray suit, gray striped tie, gray-half, waiting for the judge Miguel Angel Galvez, the same that gave custody and charged against former Vice President Roxana Baldetti also If the line and tried for genocide same dictator Jose Efrain Rios Montt and two other Guatemalan ex-generals.

Friday corresponds to Perez Molina take the floor to defend himself from accusations based on 62 wiretaps played in court Thursday, where officials under his direct command materialize illicit business.

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In the recordings refer to it as The One, The President, El Mero Mero, the owner of the farm and its former Vice President, Roxana Baldetti, also charged and detained, as the R, The Lady, The Two. As announced, the prosecution presented during the 15th audios more.

Sets by local television Thursday parade from all commentators class specialized in analyzing the face of the president and their faces on camera, which did not fail to point it -in open flat on flat-closed for more than six hours live transmission.

With every mention of his 'alias', Otto Perez held his breath, puffing . "There we see how it keeps breathing. Is a sign of pressure leading hide inside, "said one of the guests of Guatevisión channel. "Now we see how to put the pointy eyebrows. We can not hide much of our body language. "

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Haggard, emaciated, former folded paper in his hands when the judge ruled Galvez without leave to appeal requested by the defense to Otto Perez could face the release process and left him to order an officer to move you Matamoros barracks where, long ago, served as military.

"At least your integrity will be safe, because it will be protected by the Civil National Police" , argued the judge Galvez.

None of these details wore relevant for diners who ate stewed chicken in the central market of the city, in front of a television broadcast live and silent bringing charges against the former president and former general Otto Perez Molina and the swearing in exmagistrado Congress and former vice president Alejandro Maldonado as the new Head of State.

Dining Los Olivos, Guatemala City (Photo: Maye First)

"What do I think of that? Well, I do not think anything because I'm not even paying attention " , answered the cook and waitress at the diner Los Olivos, more indignant at idle question that the transfer of power in the middle of this huge corruption scandal.