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Introduction to iPad and First Words App (21 mo. old)

First Words App

Second Round of First Words App (21 mo. old)

First Words App

Repeats Letter Names and Quickly Matches Letters (21 mo. old)

First Words App

$plurge App

Curious Playground

Curious Playground stimulates your child with engaging, interactive learning experiences.
The Playground empowers you and your child to create personalized learning activities. Ages 3-7.

Within the Playground, children can explore and play with a variety of fun activities while adults can use the same app to create content that is converted into personalized experiences for the child.
A photo of grandma becomes a puzzle or a memory game, a quip from Dad’s favorite song can be musically recreated and played, a cousin’s hometown can even become an exploration opportunity on a map.
The interaction between the real and digital world provides limitless learning opportunities.

Purchase Curious Playground from the iTunes app store for $5.99!

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TeenSafe allows parents to view texts (even deleted ones), calls, Instagram, phone location, Facebook activity, web search and browsing history, contacts and more! View the video below for a little more information on TeenSafe!

TeenSafe on ABC News 8 at 4 - Dallas

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