Sadler Means YWLA

Week of September 19th-23rd

Running Club!


I need your help!

I am starting a running club through Boneshakers, a local non-profit that encourages middle and high school students to engage in physical activity after school hours.

We will be meeting Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5:30 and will be training to ultimately run the Trail of Lights 5k in early December.

PLEASE send me names of any girls that may be interested, there is NO COST associated and I can help with shoes/shorts/whatever else the girls may need. This can be used as off-season training for any girls serious about winter/spring sports or simply as a social time to hang out (and run) with their friends.

Feel free to have any girls interested come talk to me and please send me their info so I can follow up with their parents.


First Meeting- Wednesday at 4PM in Cafeteria

Brittany Capps

Dropout Prevention Specialist

Bertha Sadler Means YWLA


Refugee Workshop, Saturday Sept. 24th

Hello Everyone-

UT Austin and AISD are offering a “Refugee Awareness Workshop” on Saturday, September 24th to provide AISD teachers and administrators with information about the growing population of refugee students in AISD schools. The event will begin at 9:30am and will be held on the north side of the main UT campus in the North Office Building A (NOA), in room NOA 1.124. The address is:

101 E 27th St

Austin, TX


Coffee will be provided. Please click here to register for the event. If the link does not function, please copy and paste the URL

Parking: The nearest parking garage is the Speedway Garage located at 105 E. 27th Street, just East of the NOA building.

HELP! My students can't log on to the computer!

Student Log In Directions:

The Username is the letter S plus their student ID.

The password is the first letter of their last name capitalized; their six digit birthday and the last two numbers of their year of birth and a lower case s. Make sure students do not have Caps Lock turned on.

Example: If Michael Jackson's student number is 625098 and he was born August 29, 1958, then:

Username: S625098

Password: J082958s

I have called the Help Desk to reset the password for several of my 6th grade students because their login did not work. At least 2 of my student's passwords did not follow the default login rule. For some reason, the system used a different letter for their last name.

The Help Desk number is 512-414-8324. Choose option 4; then option zero to speak with someone or option 1 to leave a message. You may have to leave a message because they have been receiving a lot of phone calls.

I hope this helps.

Jackie Williamson

CTE- Business Education Teacher

Strategies from CIS

Things to model to students:

1. Chair Stretch -> forces us to breathe without even really know it, creates blood flow, refocuses the brain

2. Two deep breaths (inhale 3 count, hold 7 count, exhale 8 count) -> stimulates the sympathetic nervous system on the inhale to energize and the parasympathetic nervous system on the exhale to calm (that's why the exhale is longer)

3. Containment - self hug -> stimulates fingertips touch/sensation, which is helpful for our physical/sensory students, while emulating the pressure of a nurturing hug of a caregiver

4. Containment - fine motor skills -> tiny writing, zentangles, or using scissors challenge our big movers to focus and contain

5. Movement - 5 jumping jacks or 5 seconds of high knees or a full-body shakedown followed by two deep breaths -> best for our angry, energetic, elevated students because it stimulates large muscle groups and then incorporates the parasympathetic nervous system. Also, letting your big movers lead the activity creates positive peer relationships and leadership opportunities they would otherwise have had.

Additional Tips:

-Attunement: As you learned, our limbic system is responsible for sensing emotions and developing empathy; part of what wasn't covered in the video was mirror neurons - which are exactly what they sound like: cells in the brain that sense other's emotions and mirror them in our own emotional state. This means that if you approach a student and YOU'RE in an elevated state, their brains will sense it, and likely adopt it - causing the student to become elevated as well. How to respond:

1. Take your time, and take a deep breath to settle your system. Be as calm as possible.

2. Speak softly. Keeping the volume of your voice low requires students to focus on what you're saying and is a key part of nonviolent communication. Eighty percent of what you say comes from volume, tone of voice, facial expression, and body language. Be gentle.

3. Get on their level. If a student is under a desk, get down there, too. This builds rapport and trust as well as mitigates potential triggers that may stem from authority figures standing above them.

-Getting their attention: It seems counterproductive to yell at students just to do a mindfulness exercise. Instead, try ringing a bell or chimes or playing calming music to get their attention. There are lots of free apps that would let you mix up your strategies, to again, avoid triggering them while keeping them engaged.

We would love to hear any success stories or concerns you may have. If you need any assistance in working with a specific student or implementing a grounding exercise into class/finding a new one, we are happy to help. Below is one more resource for simple grounding exercises, but you will also find more links on the back of the handouts that were provided for more resources.

Thank you all for participating and to Ms. Grona for her help in facilitating our faculty meeting!

Allison Quinones, LMSW

Communities In Schools of Central Texas

#MindfulAISD Newsletter

Lesson Plans and Instructional Calendars

Campus Expectations

  • On Google Docs
  • In the Departmental Folder
  • Shared with colleagues who teach the same section(s) and Inclusion teachers
  • Lesson plans are to be for at least the week ahead and are due on Thursdays
  • Instructional Calendars are for at least the week ahead and due on Wednesdays

**Remember to turn in hard copy of Emergency Lesson plans if you have not already done so

School Documents

All the documents from the Back to School PD are located in the google folder link below. Please click on link and add the folder to your drive.

Help the Creative Learning Inititaive!

Attention all artists and crafters! If you have any extra supplies, please bring them to school. We will be using anything and everything to allow our students to "create" something amazing in one of our CLI lessons. Please bring the items to Ms. Wartel or Ms. Wiese.

Thank you!

Sadler Means Library- Donor's Choose

Good Afternoon!

I'm happy to announce that I've just posted my second project for the library. I'm trying to add maker activities for our girls to enjoy as well as some items for them to express their creativity during their lunch breaks. Please consider making a donation, or just share the link to your social media. You all were a big help in getting my project funded last year, and our girls are already enjoying the new books we were able to purchase!

Toys toys toys!

I'm trying to collect some of your used toys/stuffed animals for a library program I'm planning this October. Broken or ugly toys are welcome and even highly encouraged. Let me get some of those unloved toys off your hands!

Thanks a bunch,

Monica G. Cantu, MLS

School Pictures

Get ready, Get set, SMILE! Come to school on September 20th with your bright smile for Picture Day! You will be provided an official YWLA Cardigan to wear over your white collared shirt to round out your image as a young leader of our school for picture day!

On the 20th, we will be taking pictures through the following classes:

6th - Wartel and Terry

7th - Sanders

8th - Wiese, Ladyman, and Mr. Esquivel



Garcia will be hosting a Homecoming Dance for both of our schools. If you are available to chaperone for any amount of time, please email Ms. Benson. We would like to have a presence at the dance to make our girls feel more comfortable in the coed environment.

Date: Friday, Sept. 30th

Location: Garcia YMLA

Time: 5:30-7:30PM

Ticket Cost:

$5 Presale

$7 At Door

On Sale 9/19-9/30



This week at Sadler Means...

Monday 9/19

  • PLC- Content and Language Objective

Tuesday 9/20

Wednesday 9/21

  • DUE- Parent Contact and Documentation for Failing Students
  • Run Club- (Cafeteria 4PM)
  • MM- Exploding Atom Creed Reflection

Thursday 9/22

  • Volleyball (Means vs DOBIE) 6PM
  • MM: Awesome AVID Advisory (3-2-1 Reflection)
  • Math Team Meeting- 4PM

Friday 9/23

  • MM-House Friday
  • 6th Grade College Trip- University of Texas at Austin (9AM-12:30PM)