Wednesday Minis

January 27, 2016

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Week at a Glance

Thursday @ 6pm First Degree

Tricouncil meeting 6pm (see Jen's announcement)

Thursday Mixer Kappa Sig

Friday Game Night 7-8:30pm

Friday Mixer

Saturday Mixer Pi Kapp

PRESIDENT Jenifer Mandelblatt

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful first day of classes and are getting some much deserved rest. I first want to thank Carson and Maple for a fantastic FMR and Elise and Ruby for a wonderful Bid Night!

A few notes:

  • There is a mandatory Tri-Council risk management meeting tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Panhellenic requires that I send someone in my place. If anyone feels comfortable with First Degree and is okay to miss the First Degree practice please let me know ASAP.
  • We will have our first chapter meeting of the semester this Sundayfrom 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm. As I will further explain during Chapter, we will be releasing end times for chapter each week in order to ensure that time is used effectively.
  • Composite Pictures are on Wednesday, February 3rd. Please sign up here for a slot.
  • Diversity Dinners will begin March 1st so as not to make New Member Period too busy. I will explain these again at Chapter. Get pumped!
  • There will NOT be chapter on February 7th as Council will be at NCTA.

As, always I am here if you need anything. Let me know when you want to chat and we can schedule something!



Hello everyone! I am super excited about PC '16! We have plenty of events planned for New Member Period. Some of them are strictly for PC '16 and others are only for PC '15 and PC '16. For this week, we have the First Degree Ceremony on Thursday. We are asking that all of the current Members arrive at the house at 6pm to review the rituals with McKenzie before the New Members arrive at 7pm. Remember to wear your white dresses with the shoulders covered and closed toe, neutral shoes. Friday is a Game Night at the house with PC '16 and PC '15 (and the other girls taking littles). It will go from about 7:00pm-8:30pm. Also, after Chapter on Sunday, we will have the first SET Meeting. SET Leaders, I will send you the names of the girls in your group later tonight. Thank you all so much for an amazing Bid Night! I hope you all enjoyed it!




hey friends!

just wanted to say thank you so much for a great recruitment - pc16 is amazeballs and you all are the reason that they are so great. have a great start of the semester!

peace, love, RADiant,


VP O Grace Winant

Hey guys-

Hope you are enjoying your first week of classes! We will be having a quick chapter at 12:30 this Sunday! Check out Elise's announcements to find about the dates and times of new member events!

VP PR Imani Sanders

Hi everyone!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the bid night snap story last night! We will be using Snapchat all year round, so keep sending in pics and videos. I will go into more detail later about what type of content will be featured on our Snapchat, but for now just send me anything. Whether you’re goofing off at the house with your friends or taking a selfie with a new member, follow kappadeltacu and send them in!


VP CS Miranda Deane

Hi everyone!

Welcome back <3

I know we are so excited to have new members - including me!

But it's also time to get excited about philanthropy

This semester we have a lot of events with other greek organizations, our first event is the AXO benefit concert on March 6th

We also will be working in the Ithaca Community, and I will send out more about that later.

And girl scout cookie sales are coming up on March 5th!

Look out for dates and sign up sheets as these events get closer.

<3 Miranda

VP STANDARDS Jacqueline Pecaro

Hi lovely Kappa Deltas!

I hope you all are getting back into the swing of things and excited to meet and get to know all our new sisters! Just a reminder that new member period (the next 4 weeks) is completely dry for our new members so please respect that.

Our socials have been working so hard to get us an amazing mixer schedule so I hope you all are super excited! I need 3 sober monitors for each of our mixers this weekend. Email me and let me know if you can volunteer, otherwise, I will pull from the sober pool tonight for Thursday's mixer.

First Degree Ceremony is tomorrow at 7 pm with a training at 6 pm. If you cannot make it, please email me your excuses by 11:59 pm tonight at We also have chapter this Sunday! If you have an excuse, please email by 11:59 pm on Thursday. Also, just a reminder, this semester, coming late to chapter 3 times will equal an unexcused absence.

Happy first day of classes everyone!

Much love in AOT,


FINANCE Arielle Anderer

Hello friends!

Time for selling magazines is almost up! Each sister is responsible for selling $40 worth of magazines by the end of January. Get your family members subscriptions for the holidays, or get your family members to order magazines for you.

Our chapter page is:

To set up your own page:

  1. 1) Go to your the omega chi webpage:

  2. 2) Click “Are you a member of this group? Join the campaign!”

  3. 3) Follow the three simple steps provided on the site to personalize your fundraising page.

  4. 4) Share your personalized fundraising page URL via email, Facebook and Twitter. This URL can be found when you log in to the campaign on the right-hand side above your group goal.


Arielle Anderer

Appointed Officer Announcements

Ritual Chair

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all as excited as I am to begin initiating our new members with out 1st Degree ceremony! Please arrive at the house promptly at 6pm on Thursday 1/28 (tomorrow!!!).

Dress appropriately in all white. You may wear a white dress, a white blouse with a white skirt, or a white blouse with white dress pants and nude or white flats or pumps. You may wear nude hose if you so desire. Shoulders and toes must be covered, dresses may not be too tight or short, or have cutouts, and please be conscious of cleavage. If in doubt, wear a white cardigan or shawl to cover up.

Get ready to get ceremonious!!!

McKenzie Caldwell

Junior Club Chairs

Junior Club Chairs Madeling and Mariss

hola! guten tag! bonjour! 您好! it's madeling and mariss, your super cool junior club chairs! We want to make Spring 2K16 the best ever for us!! so, back by popular demand, we will be holding ABROAD NIGHTS IN ITHACA!!! ya know, for all of us junyahs who love Ithaca weather too much to leave it... Think: Tacos and margaritas = España! Macarons and cabernet = France! Sauerkraut und das Bier = Deutschland! Vodka and idk anything about Russian cuisine = Russia! lol you get the picture

AND! Alternatively, we will be doing chill wine and cheese nights at rotating sisters' homes to chat and bond and #sisterhood

With the idea being that these bonding times would be awesome pregames for mixers OR could be a Tuesday/Wednesday/etc night chill thing to do with sisters! And we can alternate days so all the junyahs can have a chance to attend some of these events this semester!

FILL OUT THIS FORM! and fill it out fast so we can start planning! we want to have our first one next week! :O

lots of love and food and joy in aot,

madeling and mariss


GET HYPED FOR THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kappa Sig Wet Mixer — 10 pm

Theme: Back to School!!!


TBD ;)


Llenroc 12:30 pm — Ice Skating / Snow Fun DRY EVENT.

Pi Kapp Wet Mixer — 10 pm

Theme: hoe down

See you kids on the dance floor.


Emma & Weenie

Academic Excellence

Hey guys, it's that time of the year again! Here you can list if you are in (or TAing) a big class, and if you are looking for a certain textbook or have old textbooks that might be useful for another sister!

So fill things out here:




Sisterhood Chairs

Hey everyone! Mark your calendars for our Sisterhood Progressive Dinner on February 20th at 7pm! If you live in C-Town and would like your house to be one of the stops, please email me ( with your address by Wednesday, February 3rd!!

Love in AOT,

your sisterhood chairs