Czech Republic

Join our country and enjoy being in the Czech Republic.

Creation of the Czech Republic

Before it was called the Czech Republic it was the country of Czechoslovakia. In November 1989 Czechoslovakia returned to a liberal democracy through the peaceful "Velvet Revolution." On January 1st 1993 the country split peacefully into the independent Czech Republic and Slovakia. Czech Republic went through economic reforms and privatizations with the intention of creating a market economy. The process was largely successful and in 2006 the Czech Republic was recognized by the World Bank as a developed country. #MakeCzechGreat

National Monument in Vitkov

The national monument in Vitkov has a couple different things that make it a nice monument. The equestrian statue was made after WWI and was made to reflect on the battle of Vitkov. The tomb of the unknown soldier is located under the equestrian statue and became a place where people expressed their symbolic resistance against the Nazi power. The resistance was against the Nazi power in WWI.

Václav Havel

Vaclav Havel was a Czech writer, philosopher, dissident, and statesmen. Havel also served as the last president of Czechoslovakia and also served as the first president of the Czech Republic after the split of the two countries. Within the Czech literature he was known for his plays, essays, and memoirs. Havel represents the Czehc Republic in the form of writing and shoes that the Czech has great people like himself. #Havel4President

Czech Republic Flag

The colors used in the Czech Republic Flag are the traditional colors of Bohemia, borrowed from the Bohemian coat of arms. The colors have symbolic value according to ancient traditions. The white represents the peaceful and honest nature of the people of the Czech Republic. The red symbolizes valor, courage, and the noble patriotic spirit of the people. The color blue represents the Czech virtues of vigilance, truth, loyalty, and perseverance. #TheNewRedWhiteAndBlue

National Anthem- "Kde Domov Muj"

"The garden is glorious with spring blossom, paradise on earth it is to see. And this is that beautiful land, the Czech land, my home."--- This line from the national anthem is portraying the Czech Republic as being a glorious place that is paradise on earth. The garden is supposedly the land of the Czech and talking about how wonderful and beautiful the Czech is.