#47 Venn Diagrams

TT #10 Literacy Strategy

  • Applicable to: students from 3rd - 8th grade and English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • Aligns with Common Core Standards (ELA): Literature and Reading: Informational Text- supports comprehension, interpretation (visual information > oral discussion)
  • Two overlapping circles: each circle commonly used for an idea or concept; overlapping section corresponds to similarities between the two ideas/concepts
  • Venn Diagrams can be composed of more than two circles
  • commonly drawn; teacher can model uses/example(s)


  1. Compare and contrast ideas/concepts
  2. Analyze similarities and differences
  3. Visual aid/graphic organizer
  4. Engaging
  5. Encourages participation
  6. Students can brainstorm and contribute ideas (comparable to 1st stage of Writing process: Prewriting-select topic, gather ideas, & organizing by compare/contrast)

Benefits for English Language Learners:

  1. visual representation of ideas (necessary if English is limited or non-existent: LES/NES)
  2. structures information easily & effectively
  3. engaging
  4. ELLs can use their L1 (first language) if English is limited or non-existent
  5. expresses ideas/words in first language to establish comprehension
  6. provides a means of scaffolding for ELLs (provides support, guidance, and helps with cognitive skills)

Possible Adaptations:

  1. Reading/Literacy: compare/contrast characters, themes, genres (examples)
  2. Social Studies: compare/contrast forms of government (example)
  3. Math: sets (number of circles), union (both circles), intersection (overlap of both circles)