Updates from the Primrose Library

June 2019

Hello Primrose Families!

The members of the News Committee from our 3rd Grade Library Council recently met. The students reported library news to each classroom and wrote the following updates for families.

Happy Reading!

Miss O'Kane

Hello Primrose parents!!!

We are here to share some library news with you!! This years book swap, third graders, will be leading in this book swap. This week is our last week checking out books before the end of the school year. Here are some questions we are wondering: ¨How many series are in the Library?¨ ¨Why is the Library called Library?¨ Hopefully, these questions will be answered by a helpful student, or Miss. O’ Kane our wonderful Librarian!!

Thanks for tuning in on this last week report for the year!! We enjoyed being your reporters!! Thanks!! Bye!!

-Abby, Kaya, & Maria

Book Love

Popular Books by Afraz & Ariana

There was a tie for the most checked out books of the month!


There are 495 overdues in this past month. We want everyone to bring back their books because this week is our last book look. Please remind your child to bring back their books so next year students can read them too. If you don’t, you will have to pay a fine.

- Arya, Julia, & Vamika

Reading Week

Next week is reading week and during reading week once everyday or more we do something related to reading. There are a lot of fun activities such as the book swap. A third grader also will go on the loudspeaker each morning to share clues for our mystery character then it will be told the next morning. One day we will have a random teacher read a book to the class.

- Sonja & Rylee, Alessandra & Sklyer