The Key To Life By Xander Horsky

Boring but important basic Information

Symbol Is capital C.

Atomic number is 6.

Atomic weight is 12.0107.

Group 14.

Period 2.

Color is graphite is black, diamond is colorless.

Classification is non-metallic


History of Carbon

Carbon has been used since prehistoric times as charcoal, coal and soot.

Carbon has been used as a diamond since accent times.

Use's for carbon

Mostly used in the petrochemical’s industry.

In oils and coal.

Carbon is a key component in steel.


Solid at 298 K.

Present as carbon dioxide.

Biology (in humans)

Carbon is the key to all of life.

In animals exhale.

Geology ( in the universe)

Carbon is found free in nature in three allotropic forms.

Amorphous, Graphite and Diamond


Carbons has several different forms in which it exits.

diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance, and graphite is one of the softest known substances

Interesting Facts

Mars atmosphere contains is 95% CO2.