The Amazing High Plains

By: Carlitos Dones

The Money Lands Of The High Plains

The High Plains has lots of land for farming and building.

If you like to build there is a lot of land for that you can relax without people bothering you.Hay is also good for this type of land because hay cost money

more money more land to build on so these are the money lands of the great High Plains. Water is also good for the land so that you have good healthy grass but because

water moving and taking things to different places (erosion) like seeds and plants around to grow food.

Things to do in the High Plains and animals to watch out for

Things to do in the High Plains are hunting deer, fishing, boating, dove hunting and lots of other things.

When your fishing you have to look out for rocks that have been weathered by water, wind or rain this mostly kids safety.

There are lots of animals to look for like spiders, snakes and lots of other animals.

Industries Of The Amazing High Plains