Because bystanding is to mainstream

Do what should be done

Bullying is wrong, it is a cruel thing that has been happening for years, even if you arent a bully, you are still part of the bad side of the system when you aren't doing anything, people may not consider you a bully, atleast not most people, but there will always be people that consider you a bad person for not doing anything about bullying, and it is just generally wrong to not do anything about something that you can do something about. Make a difference, its better for everyone.

Don't be a bully

Bullying is wrong

Bullying is going to happen weather we like it or not, everyone is part of it, weather they are a bystander, and upstander, the victim, ot the bully, but what is your choice, is if you are on the good part of the system, or the bad part. Be part of the good part.