'Toast of the Town'

RSVP Deadline is August 10!

Please Join Us!

It's the 2nd year for 'Toast of the Town'--the lively community event organized by The Legacy Foundation to raise funds for Aquin Schools.

This year, the event moves to The Wagner House, and will include drinks, dinner by '3-Headed Monster Barbecue', laughs, a live auction, many raffles--including a silent auction raffle--and a photobooth like you’ve never seen before.

The party begins at 5:00pm, with a cocktail hour followed by dinner at 6:00pm. At 7:00pm, get ready for another great comedian arranged by Damian Harrell, Aquin Class of 1999. The Live Auction bidding starts at 8:00pm with unique items, event packages and the ever popular 'drink trays'. Stay after the Auction and enjoy the company of old friends, family and fellow supporters of Freeport.

The funds from this event will be directed by the Legacy Foundation to enhance the learning environment at Aquin. Seating is limited to 200 so get your ticket today!

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Have Questions about this Event?

We know you might have questions about this year's event. To help with those questions, The Legacy Foundation has their Facebook page to keep you updated about 'Toast of the Town'. Silent Auction Items, Live Auction Items, 'What to Wear', Table Sponsors and more. Then you can start planning your outfits, your auction purchases and your awesome night on August 24th!

If you're a member of Facebook, be sure to go in and 'Like' this page and you will receive their updates in your news feed automatically. And, while you're there, post a question that's on your mind about the event and one of the committee members will get back to you with the answer!

If you're not a member of Facebook, you can see the page on the link below, but you won't be able to see the comments or message the page directly. Hopefully you know someone who is a Facebook member and they will be able to keep you updated!

Click here for The Legacy Foundation Facebook Page.

The Legacy Foundation

Today's generation continuing the tradition for future generations.

The Legacy Foundation is a group of 'young' Aquin alumni working to better the school and the greater Freeport community. Their initial goal was to raise funds to refinish the gym floor at Aquin High School. Thanks to tremendous support, they were able to accomplish that goal and build a seed fund to facilitate their growth. This year, they will continue to build that fund and make a variety of enhancements to the learning environment at Aquin Schools.

Many thanks to the steering committee of 'The Legacy Foundation' for their vision,

commitment and dedication to continue this venue and support of Aquin.

Zachary Hoppenjan, Class of 2007

Brandon King, Class of 2008

Alexa (Fontana) Talbert, Class of 2008

Kelsey Curry, Class of 2010

Aubrey Chang, Class of 2012

Join us for a Full Day of Fun in Freeport and . . .

. . . 'Kick-Off with Colby' in the Morning!

Every year, we honor the memory of Colby J. Smith with the Colby Smith Memorial 4-Mile Classic. Join us on a run or walk across Freeport before you 'Toast the Town' in the evening!

The run is a 4-mile, course-certified, Rockford Road Runners circuit race. The 12th annual race will be held in Freeport on Saturday, August 24 at 8am. Trophies are awarded to the top overall male and female winners and medals are given to the top three male and female runners in all age groups. Proceeds from the race benefit the Colby Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund which provides scholarships for students to attend Aquin Catholic Schools.

Thank you for your support--and thank you to Colby's family--Tim, Mida, Jennifer, Anne, Sarah, Amanda, Enid, Shannon and their families--who have made this event possible!

Click here to register for the Colby Smith Memorial Run!