Business Planning In Engineering

By Dyllan Baptiste


when carrying out a business plan in engineering you have to think about your production and where you want to be in the future, when carrying a business plan you have to think about your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats from other business company and how you can beat them in the trade market, also you have to think about Political, Economic, Social-cultural, Technological, Environmental and Legal rights when carrying this out. The company needs to think about the product they are creating or developing , why there's should be bought and how there's is better and how it is different. They then need to think about the financial side so that they are making sure they're making money and how it’s going to be advertised.

P2. Corporate expectation and customer focus.


The customer focused is to ensure that the organization meets customer expectations, at every stage in development manufacture and support of a product, according to the website Customer Focused Engineering helps an organization to meet its customers requirements first time. You also have to think about the size of the product


Life costing is an important aspect of customer-focused in engineering. Life costing refers to the costs a customer incurs in acquiring and using a product. By concentrating on quality, reliability and support, customer-focused engineering can help to minimize the costs of downtime, repair and replacement customers face when products fail, reducing their life costs.


At the development stage, the alignment of customer requirements and technical specifications minimizes the amount of rework of unsuccessful concepts. By improving product reliability, customer-focused engineering also helps to reduce an organization's after-sales support costs.


Engineering company have to reduce the level of risk to a minimum as possible when developing a new product, by integrating customer requirements with new product strategy. At the initial concept stage, an organization can focus on ideas that are likely to deliver market success