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How wind works By: Menna Majdoub



WIND= The horizontal movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of lower pressure.

How It is Caused

Wind is caused by the air pressure on Earth. But there are all different kids of winds which I will get to later. Also, if the winds are really strong, it can cause other very weather actions.The winds in general can go at all different kinds of speeds. Now for, who does wind travel all over the globe. For example, of you have a little model of the world and, tape a pencil at a slant, then have someone put their hands on the pencil and than, push there hand in oppiste directions, the world will rotate , like it actually does in real life. Then, while the person keeps on going that, another student will come and take a marker to represent the wind, then put the marker at the top of the globe. After that, you would have to try to make a straight line gong down, put since, the world it spinning that marker would have to make a slanted line going down. And that is who the wind travels.

Local Winds


LOCAL WINDS= Winds that blow over short distances.

How Local Winds Are Created

Local winds are created by, the unequal heating of Earth's surface within a small area.

Land and Sea Breezes

During the day, a sea breeze is happening. This is where cooler air from the sea is moving to take warmer air's place into the land. Also the warmer air is rising from the land. And during the night, a land breeze is happening. This is where, cooler air form the land is moving to take air's warmer place in the sea. And also, the warmer air is rising above the water at that time. Also, of you have a pool outside in your backyard you are experiencing the same thing.

Global Winds


Global Winds= Winds that blow steadily from specific directions over long distances.

Large Convection Currents

Large convection currents can happen in the equator and the poles of our Earth.Now, I will tell you on, what happen in large convention currents. The hot air and the cooler air spin around at different speeds, and, in opposite directions. And this can happen in the poles, or in the equator. That is how wind moves and the warm air rises, but when is gets cold it sinks down. So, that is how convention currents happen.

Horse Latitude

Horse latitude is when the clam areas around Earth include are around the dull drums and the horse latitudes. So, really horse latitudes are clam areas around the Earth. Also, did you know that, they would call it a horse latitudes because, a long time ago, when people would sail, and the boat would become too heavy the would throw their horse's off around the clam areas of Earth. So, that is why they would call it horse latitudes.

Trade Winds, Prevailing Westerlies, and Jet Streams

The trade winds are global winds that blow in the Northern Hemisphere toward the equator from 30 degrees north latitude. Latitude is the distance from the equator. Now for the, prevailing westerlies so, they are winds that blow from the west to the east between 30 and 60 degrees latitude in both the Northern and the Southern hemispheres. Since these winds always blow from the west, they are called the prevailing westerlies. And jet streams are, high-speed winds that blow at the top of the troposphere.

I think that is all you need to know about wind. :-)

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