First Grade Weekly Update

May 4- May 8

Happy Monday!

Welcome to this edition of the first grade Weekly Explorations! Each Monday, we will share the suggested district materials for the week as well as optional explorations and activities to extend distance learning. It includes videos and links for all subject areas (in order) ELA, math, IB and science. As work is completed, make sure to send pictures to your teacher! We love to see what you guys are up to!

Links for this newsletter include:

  • Moral lesson -
    Word Study-
  • Math-
  • Mystery Science-
  • Composting-
  • Mother's Day activities-

    Be sure to check them all out!

**Remember** these assignments can be done using any sheet of paper! Also, the suggested academic time for a first grader is 2-2.5 hours. This schedule is just a suggestion for implementing a routine at home as most kids thrive on structure, routine, and consistency.

English Language Arts

Vocabulary Words

(be able to use when speaking) - pick 2 following the format of the vocabulary detective graphic organizer.

  1. dreadful- awful, causing unhappiness
  2. grumbled- complained in a low, unhappy voice
  3. demanded- insisted on having something
  4. cobweb- a spider's nest, especially when old and covered in dust
  5. terrified- very scared
  6. panted- breathed with quick, short breaths
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Click the link below for Mrs. Reeb's lesson on morals!
I CAN- write a story with a moral.

The moral is the lesson learned from the story; how to behave, act, and get along.

Click below for videos on this week's word study!
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Word Study


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Sharing the Planet

The structure and behavior of living things help them grow, survive, and reproduce.

I CAN- explain how camouflage helps animals survive.

In this Mystery, students make observations to construct an explanation of why camouflage is helpful to animals. In the activity, Moth Hide and Seek, students test their ability to spot camouflage moths, and then design a camouflage pattern for a moth of their own!

I CAN- describe why our city should have compost bins.

Assignment- write a letter to the mayor explaining why Buffalo should have compost bins.

Composting Week 2 assignment
Composting 101: How to compost in NYC

Happy Mother's Day!

*May 10, 2020*

My Mom Rocks!

  • crayons
  • coloring page
  • photo frame
  • rocks
  • hot glue gun and hot glue

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Read Aloud

Is Your Mama a Llama?
Happy Mother's Day

How to log in to District Websites

Lexia Core5 (reading program: games and learning) Moby Max (Math activities and games) MyOn (library of electronic books) Think Central (Journeys reading series) Learning A-Z (reading program: games and learning.)

The Lexia/Headspout and Moby Max contest has begun for May!

Clever Login Video

Project to show our IB Attribute – Caring

We are doing another video to thank the BPS and community nurses, custodians and cafeteria staff! They are still working either at Makowski, the hospital or handing out lunches at one of the community schools. If you could, please have your kids draw a picture of a rainbow or write a little message to thank these amazing essential workers. Send me a picture of the kids holding up their sign. Please be aware this video will be posted on social media as well as YouTube.