The Pike Road Way

Think, Innovate, Create

Shared journal

I hope that you are loving the journals that came home! It is my absolute joy to scaffold your learner's writing to the next level. As you have noticed, their writing is developing since the first day of school. The growth is incredible. Please allow them to read their work to you and/or multiple family members or friends. This practices their decoding skills, as well, as their writing. I am SO proud of them. Please celebrate the slightest of accomplishments. Please send the journals back to school next Wednesday. They are also loving each other's stories. Thank you for allowing your learner to practice their story BEFORE their sharing day. If you need me to send another schedule, please let me know.

Reading to self

This week, as part of shared reading, we learned 3 ways to read a book. Each student was given a "book box" with different texts. We practiced reading independently and are working on building up our endurance. I encourage you to take time (5 minutes or so), when reading at home, to allow your student to read independently. With that said, there is no substitute for lap reading at this age. Continue to LOVE reading to your learner!

We love a good book!

What did we learn in our spaces this week?

Discovery Drive

What happens to the colors when you dip detergent on top of milk?
Omari, milk experiment

Making predictions and recording results...

Sarah, prediction

Tinker Town...Constructing rockets!

We believe learners will do challenging work when failure is embraced as a valuable part of the learning process and they feel safe and valued. sweet it is!

Ryan, rocket 1
Ryan, rocket 2


Thank you for all of the items donated and volunteers. Everything went perfect!!! You guys rock! Can't wait to see what next week holds! :)