The Moms Club

Beautiful And Determined Moms

Good Morning Sugah Pies!

What do I have up my sleeve now????

Well, I once had a baby inside of me. God said, "This isn't an ordinary baby. This baby is going to change lives." I was apprehensive for a very long time about sharing this baby, but as it grew more and more inside of me I couldn't hide it any longer. I had to get this baby OUT! The pain of seeing other children headed for destruction because of excuses did not sit well with me. I said, "God, I'm ready. I cant hold her in any longer." When God told me to push, I push a little bit. I wasn't really trying, I was just like ok, I pushed, now You do the rest and get her out. He reminded me of my love for children and the pain got intense. I finally pushed my beautiful baby, that God created OUT! And named her The Moms Club! Oh yes indeed I did! I am overwhelmed with the support from you ladies and I am excited to raise her. The Moms Club is my baby and I will protect her in every way that a mother protects her offspring!

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Some of the good stuff:

  • The utmost respect will always be given and received.
  • New activities to make social and educational learning easier and better.
  • Different methods of encouraging our children. (( I cannot stress THIS enough ))
  • Newsletters for everyone. (in and out-of-state)
  • We will have meetings/outings every two months.
  • Some meetings will be with or without our child(ren).
  • Meetings/Outings will be inexpensive or no cost.
  • Every meeting we will have fun! I, personally cannot live if I'm not having fun or laughing at something or someone (no pun intended).
  • Food will always be involved.
  • Volunteering around Metro Atlanta.
  • Shirts and sweaters will be designed for everyone.
  • Advice about any and everything
  • Teacher Appreciation

This is just the beginning. New ideas are always welcomed!

Vision: Radiating Positive Vibes, Creating Happy Learning & Raising a generation of love.

Isaiah 55:8-12

First Meet & Greet

Sunday, Nov. 16th, 5pm

415 Memorial Dr SE

Atlanta, GA