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You are invited to see the historical boat. You would see the famous boat that crushed on its way to New York. So this story went like these... At 11:40 in April 12, 1912 the Titanic was crushing with the iceberg. The Titanic was stuck with the iceberg, at it lasted less than three hours sinking. After that the titanic disappered in the Atlantic ocean surface. 37 second before the Tatianc crushed the officers and the capitan told to stop the boat.

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The liveboats could carry lots of people they didnt wanted to fill them all up. They filled them up with 24 people and they could fill them up with 65 people. In some they carried the least the carried 12 peolpe 7 of the ship and 5 passangers. Two dogs saved people of the Tatanic they wer sended by a women and a girl. Near the Titanic here was another boat. The titanic sended siganls to the boat near so they could help. The titanic crshed almost 100 years ago. The titanic was part of one of the expensive cruise. This boat was made with saftey things. They mad it to be a very save boat but on the first try it went as a disaster. The titanic sailed on the seas when the cold weather crusehed there were storms hurricanes but the fault of the sinking was of the iceberg. The problem that they has withbthe iceberg was that they iceberg was below the sea and the pick was up the top. HOPE YOU COME!!

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Edward J. Smith {The Capitan}

Born in January 27, 1850 Edward J. Smith was the capitan of the famous boat the titanic. He played the role of the one of the most famous disaster in the sea. He stopped going to school in the age of 12. At the age of 12 he started working at the sea. After that he loved doing things in the sea. After that they offered him a great work in The White Star Line. Then he started to work there. He drove the titanic they did some stops before they crushed with the iceberg. Before they crushed they had a warning that there was ice in the sea. After that adventure he died.

Titanic (Hundimiento 1995-2012)

J Bruce Ismay {The Builder}

J Bruce Ismay was the builder of the famous boat that crushed with a iceberg. When he was 16 he stopped going to school and entered to a place were he builded boats. After lotos of years working he got a better place in the company. He became the manager. When they first did a boat they did needed to try it. It needed to work so the could use it. All the people that did it were surprise about it when the tiatnic crashed. He kept doing more boats with other typr of materials that were harder. So people could be safe.

Frederick Fleet {Survivor}

At the age of 16 he started to work at the sea. After some time working at the sea he looked forward to the titanic and its crush with the iceberg. He tried lots of things in the nigth of the titanic he was one of the first to notice that the iceberg was there. He didnt wanted to go to the sea after what happend in the titanic. He needed lots of help to notice what happend and in the accident he was in. His family didnt wanted to him to go again. He sailed again in the olypmics.


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