Mars Chocolate Company

Johanna Porter

'The company's objective is the manufacture and distribution of food products in such manner as to promote a mutuality of services and benefits among all stakeholders.' - Forrest E. Mars,Sr.1947

Paul S. Michaels and Grant F. Reid

Reid will become the new President of Mars after the retirement of Michaels.

We sincerely believe that a principled business can make the world a better place and deliver long-term performance. We appreciate your interest in understanding our business and our aspirations, and challenging and collaborating with us, so that we can be the business we want to be.


  • Raw Material Purchasing Manager
  • Cocoa Sustainability Analyst
  • Character/Character Buddy- Part Time M&M's World Orlando
  • Talent & Development Manager
  • Customer Supply Chain Manager

Character/ Character Buddy

  • We are seeking enthusiastic personalities to represent our famous Characters or in the role of Character Buddy. These roles provide our guests with a memorable shopping experience by using his/her guest service and "showbiz" talent.
  • Duties include:

    • Ability to use company property in a safe and responsible manner
    • Ability to wear the costume weighing approximately 15 pounds, for 45 minutes followed by a 15 minute break. Weather and temperature conditions will be considered for the length of time the costume is worn.
    • Character buddies are responsible to "protect" the character while managing the customer experience.
    • Ability to follow the Guest Service expectation consistently
    • Must be on time for work and take breaks in a timely manner
    • Maintain a consistently neat and professional appearance in accordance to company Dress Code standards
    • Ability to use equipment/tools in support of the job function, in a safe and responsible manner.
    • Ability to maintain standards in designated area of responsibility.
    • Ability to manage time at work effectively and efficiently
    • Ability to live by the 5 Principles of Mars, Inc.
    • Supportive of management decisions
    • Special duties as assigned by Store Director
    • We are seeking enthusiastic personalities with six months experience with guests in a service oriented environment.