Art Room News

It's almost Thanksgiving!

Art Fees Past Due!

As per the academic planning guide, an art fee is required for all high school art classes. Art fees are past due! As we are nearing the end of the fall semester, please be sure to pay your art fees if you haven't already! If you have an extenuating circumstance please encourage your student to discuss this with me one-on-one.

Art I Fees are $35

Art II Fees are $45

Art 1 Value Assignments!

This week students will be completing their stippling value assignments! I'm sure most of you have heard how intense this project is! Lots of tiny dots! But they look so cool when they are done! Students applied value to shapes and practiced demonstrating space on a two-dimensional plane. This project is coming alone quite well and will be due Thursday 10/16! Below is a finished one and a couple of in progress ones!

Art II: Bottle Birds are Finished

Last week students put the finishing touches on our paper mache bottle birds! They are awesome!

Art II: Sgraffito

Art II is starting a clay assignment! They'll begin clay the Monday after we return from Thanksgiving Break! Their first assignment will be finished before Winter Break! So be on the lookout!

Just a heads up! Deadlines are non-negotiable on this project! They must turn their assignments in on time in order to keep up with the firing schedule! Firings take a minimum of 24-48 hours and projects cannot be fired individually.

Please make sure your student has paid their art fee!!!!

Website coming soon!

I'm curretnly working on a teacher website on which to publish assignments, grading rubrics, a calendar of due dates, and pictures! I'll keep you posted!