South America - Guyana

by Gabrielle Fogle


Guyana is a country in South America which is west of Suriname and east of Venezuela. It's climate is tropical and it's land is made up of mostly rolling highlands, low coastal plains, and a savanna in the south. It has natural resources such as bauxite, gold, diamonds, hardwood timber, shrimp, and fish.

Guyana's main language is English. They mainly celebrate religious holidays. Some of their holidays include Christmas, Easter, Divali, Phagwah, and Mashrasmani.

"To understand Divali you must know something about the great Hindu hero Rama." Divali celebrates Rama's return from exile.

"Phagwah is a Hindu religious holiday observed in March to celebrate the triumph of good over evil."

Mashramani is celebrated on February 23, Guyana's republic day. This holiday celebrates the "Birth of the Republic".

Guyana's people practice many different religions. 30.5% are Protestant, 28.4% are Hindu, 17.7% are Christian, 8.1% are Roman Catholic, 7.2% are Muslim, and 1.1% are Jehovah's Witnesses.

Guyana was a British colony and was for about 200 years. In 1966, Guyana became independent and in 1970 it officially became a republic.

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