The Riddle of the Anasazi



The anasazi Indeans lived in Mesa verde calorado they lived 2,000 years ago. The anasazi carved symbols and Painted pictres on rockes/cliff and caves walls.The anasazi built about grount homes.By 1300 the cliff dwellings in mesa verde were empty.The anasazi moved south and east. Spanish explorers called the anasazi “purblo”indians because of the design of their communities.In spanish pueblo means “villeg” or town. Pottery and weaving showed great skill.The anasazi left Masteresly. Here are some resan why they left. Drought war overpopulation

Disease Mass Migration and Religon.


What is special about the way the anasazi built their settiement at meas verse.they lived in clift sides

Why is it unlikly that a drought caused the anasazi to abandon mesa verde.they have survives worse drouts.

Why are there so many theories about the anasazi.becaus they just left for know reason.

of all the theories about why the anasazi deaerted their settlment.which do you agree with the most.explain your anser. disease beacaus there is know other reason to leave unless thier is somthing wrong with the area.


they lived in the south western USA, long before the whites arrived and left a great amount of archaeological evidence.the hopies lived with the anasazi .