My grandmother nozaki saqiko

When she was small she had earthquake and many kind of tornado. One story is that when she was still an primary kid he went to other place in japan with her school bus and her class mates when she and her class mates saw an tornado they were scare of it but they still didn’t get hurt but when it was over the village try to come on their school bus but her teacher didn’t let them go on because the bus is already full of many people. Then from the way back she got a tornado again but they are lucky that they are fur away from the place. That was really lucky.

Another story

There is another story about my Grande mother that was once she was already big she went on a boat with her middle school class mates but then the boat start to shake then her teacher give them each an life buoy and her teacher made an a really skin place to walk and that was the safety road she follow the it than at last she got out side and no one was left in there that was really danger for her but she didn’t care about the flood and the

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