Gladers From the Maze Trials - Miucci Yung Project 19

Gladers On The Loose

Gladers Thomas, Minho, Teresa, Newt, and some others have escaped from the Maze Trials. The girl has long, brown hair and is around fourteen years-old. Thomas is the boy that seems to always be next to Teresa, around sixteen years of age. Newt is the one who looks like he is the leader of the whole group. He and Minho are about the same age as Thomas. Minho is the Asian boy that looks very rough. These teens travel as a group so be on a lookout for huge groups of kids. They were last seen at the WICKED Building.

Contact Information

If these teenagers are found, please contact WICKED with the following information

Phone Number: 000-000-0000

Address: WICKED Building, 13 Wick Lane

Email: WICKED@maze.com

Reward: $1,000,000