Money isn`t the problem - you are !

Wordwide class in Oslo, Norway!!

Welcome to changing your reality with money

Based on the book by Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer

This class invites you to change every limitation, judgement and separation you have created with money!

How many of you have decided you can't have money? What choices have you made that are limiting the amount of money you have showing up in your life?

What if you where given tools to change the way you are with money, and it actually was easy?

What if creating money was a JOY? What you are unwilling to receive creates the limitations of what you are unwilling to have. If you change that, then money will not be an issue anymore. This class offers you unique tools and techniques for you to choose a different reality with money. Are you willing for your life to look and feel totally different and abundant?

This class is facilitated all over the world at the same time.
What contribution can this be to YOUR finacial reality? And the WORLD?

Welcome on the 10 of August 18:30 in Oslo !

Class price NOK 350,-
Includes the AudioBook " Money isn`t the problem-you are"

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Welcome, looking forward to seeing you.

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