Adam as President!!!!!!!!!!

You Decide!!

Adam as his own.

John Adam a federalist was called the "the blasted tyrant of America". Adam blamed the Democratic Republicans and the new immigrants to the country. Federalist used these acts to clamp down on freedom of speech and press. Adam threw a Vermont congressmen in jail for saying "Adams belongs in the mad house."

Alien and Sedition Act, support ? why or why not?

I supported Alien & Sedition acts, there was three reasons. First he made immigrants wait to become citizen from 5 to 14 years. Keep immigrants from voting for democratic republican. It makes sense because it's fair because sometimes people don't really know whats going on and they might make problems. Second he gave the president power to arrest disloyal aliens and throw them out of the country, and third he outlawed sedition, saying or writing anything false or harmful about the government.