February 8-Mariner Matters

“Often those that criticise others reveal what he himself lacks.”

Shout out!

Shout out to Ms. Langdon, Boecke and Gill for getting their Donors Choose projects funded. Sturdivant, Ruff, Sevelovitz and Ruff for heading Glow in the Dark, first and second grade teacher for great participation in the PD on Thursday and Ms. Munoz for bringing Wool E Bull to visit on Friday, Ms. Poindexter for hosting the Geo Bee.

MTSS Committee-Monday

The MTSS committee will meet on Monday in the Discovery Lab beginning at 3:30pm.

Math Talks Walk Through(K-2)-Monday

Katie Baker will be here Monday to do a walk through during math for K-2. She will then return during planning time on Tuesday to discuss the walk through.

PTA Board Meeting-Tuesday

There is a PTA board meeting at 6:30pm in the Media Center. Amy McNish and Mandi Holmberg are the faculty reps but any of you are welcome to attend.

MTSS PLC-Thursday

We will have MTSS PLC on Thursday for all grade levels in the PLC room. There is no coverage for this meeting.

Bus Driver Appreciation Week

February 8-12 is bus driver appreciation week. We are asking all to let drivers know how much we appreciate them.

Tier Plans

Tier plans were reviewed recently. All tier plans are to be updated with any new strategies and progress monitoring of the strategies. We will discuss this more in detail at Thursday's MTSS PLC.


Please let me know if you are thinking about retaining a student. We would need to have a discussion and let parents know of this potentiality before February 15th.


Please take a few minutes to give feedback on a few items.


Morning Supervisiony/car rider sticks

Please follow the expectations for morning supervision, particularly refraining from letting parents in/out of doors other than the main front doors. Also I have ordered more car rider sticks. Everyone will need to have a stick on Monday.

Computer training sessions

Joey is willing to help during your planning if you need some assistance with one small aspect of certain programs or equipment. For example if you need help organizing your Google Drive or how to email a movie, please put in a ticket. When you go to the web help desk, in the request type drop down to technician assistance for room setup.

Digital Learning Day

Some of you have inquired about why are we doing Digital Learning Day. If we continue to be a STEM focused school; technology is a part of who we are and what we do. Chatham County Schools is participating in Digital Learning Day as a county and are encouraging and expecting schools to participate. Keith Medlin our lead tech to organize this day. Each school that participates could receive free technology help. Dr. Jordan has been invited and accepted the invitation to come by see what we are doing for digital learning day. Other visitors may be invited. Please see what you are already doing and use the resources to enhance what you do. At some point I will be asking you what you are doing when so when visitors come at certain times I can bring them to you. Ipad cart times:







Glow in the dark

During the leadership team meeting it was discussed how important the whole day planning was to teachers. In order to hold another whole day planning we decided that we will hold another Glitter and Glow dance. We will need all hands on deck so it will be a required event for all certified staff. The dance will be held on February 26th and all of the money will go toward paying for the subs for a second whole planning day.

Receipting money for Glow in the dark

When students turn in money for Glow in the dark, please put the form and money in Ms. Sturdivant's box. She and Monica will deal with the money and a receipt will be returned to your box.

National Engineers Week

We will be celebrating National Engineers Week February 22-26. Each grade level will study one engineering field that week along with other activities. Please see the information from the STEM Committee below:

We would like all of the activities to be connected in some way. Each grade level would be given a field of engineering to focus on for the week. This is what they read about, write about, do math with,...etc. This leads to a grade level challenge to complete on Friday. The “winning” things can be put in the display case with an explanation of what they did and what they learned. Defined STEM has many resources for culminating projects!

Kindergarten - Environmental

1st: Civil Engineering

2nd: Audio Engineering

3rd: Biomedical Engineering

4th: Chemical Engineering

5th: Aerospace Engineering

Progress Report Date

Progress reports will now go home on February 29th.

Unannounced observations

Unannounced observations have begun.