Pinson Insanitarium

The Zombie Apocalypse has begun see if you can survive it!

Pinson Insaniturium

Come out and join Pinson Insaniturium and test your luck to see if you got what it takes to survive the zombie fest!

Pinson Insaniturium

Friday, Sep. 28th 2012 at 7pm to Saturday, Oct. 31st 2020 at 7pm

5320 Miles Spring Rd

Pinson, AL

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Sept.28: 7pm-12amSept.29: 7pm-12amOct.5 : 7pm-12amOct.6 : 7pm-12amOct.7 : 7pm-10pmOct.12 : 7pm-12amOct.13 : 7pm-12amOct.14 : 7pm-10pmOct.19  ; 7pm-12amOct.20 : 7pm- 12amOct.21 : 7pm-10pmOct.26 : 7pm-12amOct.27 : 7pm-12amOct.28 : 7pm-10pmOct.29 : 7pm- 9pmOct.30 : 7pm- 9pmOct.31 : 7pm-10pm