Dance & Swimming

Here are my two favorite hobbies

Dance & Swimming

My two favorite hobbies are dance and swimming.


I started dance at the age of 2, I started of with RAD Ballet, I finished it at 7, then I started hip hop, I finished it at 9

I stopped dance at 9 because my studio shut down due to business reasons..

Meanwhile now I am 11, I finally found a studio I can dance in: Diverse Performing Arts School. I love it. I do ISTD Grade 5 Modern and Contemporary, I did my exam yesterday (21/03/16) and I got distinction!!!! It is the highest grade you could possibly get. I was the only one with distinction with a mark of 98%.


I started to swim at the age of 8. I used to be in swim squad but not anymore, swim squad was too tough for me because I was the only young child there. But I never stopped swimming since then..

They take me now as a swim squad student but i'm not. I am in Lane 6 (Highest lane) That lane is only for swim squad students only. But I'm still in it.

My two favorite strokes are front row and breast stroke.

I always get 1st,2nd or 3rd place in my races.

This is why I like these two hobbies

Hope you enjoyed