To Expect What

By Montel Jones

1st trimester

The first trimester is 1-3 months around the 6th week is when the baby starts to develop.Heart,hands,nose,etc.By the 7th week is when the eyes and tailbones form so baby can move and kick. Being the mother during this time you should expect to have the urge to pee more.The amount of blood in your body will increase your uterus will double in size lots of mood swings and the urge to eat more food.

2nd trimester

This is months 4-6 when the mother starts to darken and when you start to feel the baby kick after 20 weeks you start to feel sick sometimes high blood pressure.The baby will become 3-4 pounds finger prints will start to form the baby will have the ability to hear and kick and heart will pump as 1 and pumps 25 quarts of blood a day

3rd trimester

The last months of pregnancy you start to lose sleep have contractions and your breast start to leak and you lose bladder control.From the baby expect blinking eyes fat forming on the baby the baby get ups to 7lbs and the baby will be fully developed.