The Patriot Periodical

Volume 8, 12.3.15


Beginning the week of December 14th, we will be asking ALL parents/guardians to come inside and sign students out of the after-school clubs. Here is a form letter that you can modify and send home with your students. Please do so next week. Parents are going to be asked to park in the parking lot and come inside. This is for safety and to decrease the clutter at pick-up time. Here is a generic copy of a student sign-in/parent sign-out sheet for your club (if you don't already have one). Please be sure to keep copies of the weekly sheets in case we need to reference student attendance.

Pick-up locations:

Minecraft - Media center. Parents should enter and exit through the exterior media center door.

All other clubs - Front hallway. Club advisors can open the door to greet parents and have them sign their child out. Please remind everyone to use the crosswalk.

NO CLUBS will be held the M,T and W before winter break. Please communicate this to students and parents. I also added a line about this in the parent letter.

Holiday Celebrations

All holiday celebrations will be held Wednesday, December 23rd. Volunteers can begin set-up at 12:45 in the classrooms. All volunteers should sign-in at the front office. Celebrations will begin at 1:00 and should be finished no later than 2:00. An ideal party food list will include; a fruit, a vegetable, something sweet, something salty and juice and/or water. There can also be a game and a craft. Please communicate this information to your room parent.


Some of you have certainly noticed the extreme volume coming out of our cafe. We are trying different ideas, rewards and incentives. But, our friends are simply way to excited at lunch and they seem to be forgetting all of the rules. Thus, Bob and I are working on a new seating arrangement for next week (to likely start on Wednesday). We will communicate this information to you as soon as we make some final decisions. If you have any input, feel free to stop by and share ideas. Thank you for your support and assistance with this.

Hallway Etiquette

Recently, we have all noticed an ever growing excitement in the air, and it hasn't even snowed (yet)! Our halls may not be decorated for the season, but they are certainly boisterous and joyous. Please be sure you remind your students that they are expected to be quiet when walking through the halls as there are classes in session. Students are especially loud when standing in line to go outside. At times it is very difficult for our front office staff to take phone calls and talk with parents and students. Feel free to remind your students that recess can be optional. If they are to noisy, feel free have your students return to their class and practice quiet walking. Unfortunately, this extra practice will likely impact their recess time.

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