Summer Reading Challenge 2015

hosted by Usborne Books with Erin


Our goal is to keep kids reading to avoid the "Summer Slide" while fostering unity with the kids as they work together for a common goal of helping those who are less fortunate! All ages welcome! You can live anywhere in the world to participate!

How it Works:

Kids will read (or be read to) at least 600 minutes or 6 books over 8 weeks. You choose! Why 6? Six is the the number of books recommended to avoid reading ability loss! Rewarding them for their reading efforts keeps them motivated and excited

Our Facebook group will have reading tips, sharing of successes and drawing for FREE BOOKS and PRIZES! In August, all are invited to a celebration party!

The kids can collect pledges from family members (grandparents, etc.) in exchange for their commitment to stay smart! A grandparent might give them 10 cents for every minute they read, for example.

I will match your pledges 25% in Usborne books to provide a book donation to kids in need, awards, prizes, and materials for the challenge. At the end of the challenge I will host a celebration event (date TBA). The pledge raising is optional to participate and each child will receive an award for their reading efforts!

Now it is time to choose your rewards & donations! Your family can choose what percentage to reward your kids with books and how much in books you will donate.

For Example:
Collect $50 in pledges
Erin Matches 25%
Now we have $62.50 in books
Reward child with $25 in books of their choice
Donate $37.50 in books. Each book that is donated will have a special book plate with the donor's name and a special message.
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Celebrate your reading accomplishments, pick up your prizes & more!

Date TBD - will be sometime at the end of August.


Your pledges will benefit The Homeless Children's Playtime Project in Washington, DC. They believe that play is a human right that all children deserve, regardless of housing status. We seek to help create a city that provides every opportunity for children to succeed by advocating for affordable housing, safe shelters, and a strong safety net that helps families bounce back from housing instability. Since 2003, our trained and screened volunteers have provided weekly activities, healthy snacks, and opportunities to play and learn for the children at emergency shelter and transitional housing sites in the District of Columbia. In the past ten years, Playtime volunteers have served thousands of children at 5 different sites throughout the city.


Watch for details on how to get prizes along the way!