South Carolina

The Ultimate Southern Colony

Region of the Colony

South Carolina is in the Southern Region.

Founder and Reason for Finding

The eight nobles with a charter from King Charles II founded South Carolina. It was founded to be an agricultural colony, to grow rice, indigo, cotton, and tobacco.

Population, People in South Carolina, and Economy

The population of South Carolina in 1720 was 18,393 people.

The slave population of South Carolina in 1776 was 83,526 slaves.

A typical person living in South Carolina during the colonial period would be a farmer. They would own many slaves because the slaves did the work and it didn't cost the farmer anything. They couldn't do the work without the slaves. The Economy depended on how good the crops did, especially rice.

The Yamasee War

This war was between the English Settlers in South Carolina and the Indian tribes there. The Indians didn’t want their land taken away by the colonists and they wanted the trading to be fair with the colonists, which it sometimes wasn’t. The Indians attacked the colonists and it looked like they were going to win the war, until the Cherokee decided to help the colonists and save them from the other tribes.

Government of South Carolina

Before the American Revolution they were under the rule of the Lords Proprietors until 1720, then they became a colony under Royal command until the Revolutionary War.

After the Revolutionary War, they elected their own government after the British stopped helping them.

South Carolina's Role in the American Revolution and Constitution

-Many battles happened in South Carolina during the American Revolution. At the start of the war, the Americans held off the british troops at Charles town. In 1780, the British defeated the Americans at the Battle of Camden, but in late 1780 to early 1781 the Americans took back what was theirs at the Battles of Cowpens and Kings Mountain.

-They were the 8th state to ratify the Constitution. They said Article 6 should be changed from “no religious test” to “no other religious test.” They believed that you should take an oath under God, which would be a religious test, so they wanted it changed to “no other religious test.”

Primary Source from South Carolina

Articles of Agreement Between the Lords Proprietors

Fun Facts about South Carolina

-During the American Revolution, the fort built to protect Charleston was made out of soft and spongy palmetto tree logs. When the British shot cannonballs at the walls of the fort, they bounced off and protected the soldiers and the town.

-President Andrew Jackson is from the border of South Carolina and North Carolina.