Clay County

A great place to call home

A beautiful place to live

Clay county is located in the southwestern region or mountains of North Carolina. It was founded in 1861 and was named in honor of Henry Clay, famous statesmen and member of senate from Kentucky. Clay county's natural landmarks are the Natahala national forest/ river and Chataluge lake. The tourist attractions are Clay county historical and arts museum and peacock playhouse. Clay county is bordered by Macon county, Rabun county, Towns county, union county, and Cherokee county. The county manager is Paul leek and the county seat is Hayesville. The Clay county board of commissioner has 3 members. Clay county is a part of the Sothwestern council a group of governments working together in the 7 counties.
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Tourist Attractions

Clay county has many tourist attractions, one being the Natahala forest and river. The Natahala river is a popular place for rafting and fishing. The Natahala forest is a beautiful place just to go and relax with the wooded scenery. Clay county also has attractions for the arts in the Clay county historical and arts museum and Peacock playhouse where you can learn about Clay county's rich arts background,

The old clay county courthouse


Hayesville, the county seat is known for the Hiwasee river that runs alongside the town. The town manager of Hayesville is Peggy Evans and the town council has 4 member. The mayor of Hayesville is Harry Baughn.