Kid's Konnection

Volume 2

We tend to think that what God does for us is just for's not! It's for nations and generations!

So far, so good...

The year has begun on a good note. So far, things seem to be falling into place. Classes began the weekend I was in Chicago for the KidMin conference. It was a bit strange to not be here the first week, but I hear all went fine. Thanks to everyone for the extra help while I was gone.

The KidMin Conference was an awesome experience! There were 5 of us that got to go and experience this great opportunity for growth and learning. Oh, and fun! Imagine a room full of people that LOVE kids and the ministry that goes with it. The energy is CRAZY! so much fun and excitement. People ready to learn and grow and seek out new ideas.

Between the 5 of us that attended we went to sessions on leadership, volunteers, preschool ministry, personal spiritual renewal and special needs/inclusion ministry. We came back with so much knowledge and a desire to use what we learned. It was a great opportunity to be there with 4 others that have a huge passion for kids ministry.

I value our volunteers and their time greatly. If you get a chance thank them for giving of their time. A weekend away is not always easy with small kids and husbands that need us.

The women that went are Megan VanGoor, Tifanie VanderWeide, Pam Jager and Lisa Boone.

I am blessed to work with such gifted volunteers.


The Friends with God books were new at the KidMin conference. These books are so well done. Beautiful pictures and first person accounts bring the stories to life in a new and exciting way. Here's some info in case you'd like to check them out.

They'd also make great gifts!

Friends With God Story Bible: Why God Loves People Like Me

Discover God's story like you've never heard it before!

You're about to meet familiar Bible characters in a fresh new way. Discover not just what they did, but how they felt on their journeys to become friends of God.

Bible-time friends will come to life as you...

* Stand with Adam as he stares with wide-eyed wonder at all of God's creations--including Eve.
* Stride beside David, feeling his courage as he faces one of the biggest bullies of all time.
* Wade into the Jordan River with John the Baptist, who keeps peering past the crowd to search for the promised Messiah.
* Look through the forgiving eyes of Stephen as a furious mob hurls rocks through the air to kill him.

54 first-person accounts immerse you into what it's like to be loved by God, because you'll hear them from the mouths of the people who lived them.

Friends With God Devotions for Kids: 54 Delightfully Fun Ways to Grow Closer to Jesus, Family, and Friends

These 54 devotions help kids discover a truth that changes their lives forever: God not only loves
them, he likes them, too. And he wants to be their friend!

As children meet God’s Bible-times friends, they glimpse who God he treats his friends...
and how eager God is to know all his children!

Children will be delighted to find…
• 54 faith-building Bible devotions that give them a fresh, compelling look at God—the God
who knows them, loves them, and is eager to draw them close.
• Kid-sized friendship nuggets of relational advice that helps kids build lasting relationships…
and get along better with siblings.
• Bible theme-reinforcing instant games that keep the togetherness flowing.
• Beautiful illustrations from artist David Harrington—making this devotion a visual treat.
• A free bonus app with games and digital collectible cards!

Makes a perfect companion devotional for the Friends With God Story Bible!


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Prayer Requests:

1. Energy for the teachers.

2. Open hearts and excitement from the kids.

3. Good dynamics in the classrooms.

4. Leadership from the older kids.

Jennifer Sterk

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