Phishing & Smishing

Nash Batten


Phishing Is...

When somebody pretends to be a member of a professional organization in order to gain your personal information; usually credit card numbers and bank account information.
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How Do You Prevent It?

Phishers (people who phish), usually are good at what they do, but if you are always caution and know what you are doing, you can figure out when it is a phishing scam.

  • Bank account information: When somebody sends you an email about your money, contact your bank directly and ask them if there is a problem. DON'T CLICK LINKS!
  • Social media: Check the address bar to make sure its the real place, and again make sure to never click links to go somewhere that you know how to get to.
  • Calling: NEVER give your information to someone who asks for it over the phone if they called you.


Smishing is...

The same thing as phishing, but through text. They usually stay with malware, but do venture into account information.
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