Paul's Case

Taylor Lewis, AP English 12

Point of View

The author uses a third person limited point of view to demonstrate Paul's entitled personality. We can tell that Paul yearns for luxury, shown by his thoughts and feelings towards Carnegie Hall but also refuses to work to earn that luxury, shown by his hatred towards school. The reader is zoned in on Paul's thoughts.

I chose this image because Paul has a very narrow point of view. He only focuses on pleasure and escape, not what it takes to live a luxurious life.


The author establishes settings that bring out the best and worst of Paul. In Carnegie Hall and New York, Paul feels empowered. His sense of entitlement and superiority are shown in these luxury places by the way he interacts with the people, feeling he is with his "equals." In school and his home, he feels hateful. He refuses to try and school and get along with his father. This shows how Paul is unable to face challenges; he just runs away from reality.

I chose this image because it shows high class people walking around Carnegie Hall. We can envision Paul walking around with them, acting like he belonged with them.


The author uses symbols to describe Paul's outlook on life. At one point in the story, Paul disguistingly looks at the portraits of George Washington and John Calvin in his room. These portraits represent the average dutiful, hardworking, Christian man and Paul feels superior to these average people, and feels that he doesn't have to work to enjoy a finer life. His teacher showing up at Carnegie Hall demonstrates Paul's real world and fantasy world mixing. Paul is not happy at all about this because his fantasy world is his escape from the real world.

I chose the image because it represents the image of George Washington described above.


The overall theme of this story involves Paul's Case; his sense of entitlement. All of the characteristics of this story add up to help the reader identify Paul's unfortunate case.

I chose the image of a case file because it represents all of Paul's negative attributes being compiled to define his cases, just like information and evidence is carried in a case file.

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