Stunned Music Productions

Create with a purpose

Ever want to express yourself in an artistic way?

Then come to Stunned Music Studios! Where you can express yourself visually or vocally. We have video production, music recording, and beat making; you name it! What ever you think is necessary to express your talents, we have it! For examples of previous projects produced by Stunned Music Productions, watch and listen for yourself.
Got Me - Johnny Le Ft. Skinny

Every one has their own hidden talents, so bring yours to Stunned Music Productions and electrify everyone !

We give our customers the opportunity to express themselves in the most creative ways possible for a reasonable price. We start off with $20 an hour and a half session. If you become a member/regular, we half the original price to $10. Not only do we help you with all that we offer, we teach you all that we know, so you can get the full experience and potentially build a career with what we leave you with.

The Names Jayy

Worry Bout Me Johnny Le Ft. Lil Lune by The Names Jayy