Grapevine - Voter Registration

20th April 2015

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Voter Registration Deadline - MOnday 20th april

Monday 20th April is the last possible day to register to vote in the 2015 general election.

Anyone wishing to vote must be registered by midnight on Monday or they will not be counted in the general elections.

The Electoral Commission shows that 1.7 million people have registered to vote in the past five weeks, most of them online, including almost 470,000 from 16 to 24-year-olds.

However, its reports also suggested there may be as many as 7.5 million unregistered voters. Registering online is quick and easy, go to and fill in some personal details including your national insurance number, it only takes a few minutes.

The UK general election takes place on 7 May and Student Services will be encouraging you all to use your vote on this day.

The last general election in 2010 reported that 15.9 million people did not vote, meaning these people were not heard and could not change anything. Lets join together and make a difference.

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SRC- Get involved

Monday 20th April is deadline date for voter registration and Student Services have lots of fun activities happening over the next week to keep you informed and engaged. We ask you all to get involved in something if you can, engaging in the elections is important as many of you are disillusioned or uninformed.

“Fight for your Rights”

Monday 21st April 1-3pm at Queens Campus, Durham University

A fun day, by the riverside, where you can pick up some freebies while enjoying the fun games and activities. This is the last day to register your vote, we will be on hand to guide “stragglers” through a quick online registration, please bring your national insurance number.

Stockton South Candidate Debate

Tuesday 22nd April 7pm at Queens Campus, Durham University

Book a place at the evening debate with local Stockton South candidates and question them about issues which affect you. To ensure you have a seat at this event email now.

SRC Question Time

Wednesday 23rd April 1.30pm in The Eye, Stockton Riverside College

Another chance to find out more about the parties agendas, book a seat at SRC Question Time. You will be able to question Bede students about the political parties national agendas, as they represent the main parties at GE 2015. To book on to this event contact .

Some great opportunities and we are looking forward to see you there.

Are your friends going to be heard? #Regafriend

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Chances are, after the big push over the last few months from STudent Services, you are already registered to vote. But some will still will not be and we must all work together to inform each other. So, let’s round up the stragglers.

If we all get just one friend to register, we can have our say and politicians will have to listen to us.

So go out and get one mate to register. Post a picture of you both on social media making the voter cross mark. Share your photo with the world using the hashtag #RegAFriend and this message:

  • I’ve just got [insert your friend’s name here] to register to vote so we’ll have a say in May. Now it’s your turn to get one friend to register to vote at When you’re done, share a photo of you both making the voter cross, tag yourselves and spread the word! #RegAFriend #GenerationVote

Or if you’re posting on Twitter:

  • I’ve just got [insert your friend’s name here] to register to vote so we’ll have a say in May. Now it’s your turn. #RegAFriend

What are you waiting for? Remember, getting one mate to register means power to more young people.

Student president and student governor will be counted

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Have a look at this article sharing why the Student President and Student Governor are in....

join us on Twitter

You can always keep informed with Student Services by following us on Twitter @studentsrc

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Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is open every day at 8.30- 9.15am for any student, FREE. You can find a variety of cereal in the common room and CED centre. Make sure you fuel up before you go to class. Having a breakfast gives you a great start to the day so why not have breakfast on us!

Student Finance Drop in

Our Student Finance Team are available everyday at the Information and Guidance counters. The staff are available to answer your questions between 9.30-2.30 Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri, with an extended opening on Wed 9.30 -6pm. If you have any problems with your bus pass, food allowance or any other college financial funds, please speak to Steph or Sue.

It is also important to mention that food allowance is only given on timetabled dates. You will not and cannot have credit for days you are visiting college independently to revise or catch up with work. I hope this clears some confusion.

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