Effective Grading Practices

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Thank You for Learning With Us!

When we began this project, little did we know that it would extend beyond Genesee County, beyond Michigan, and even beyond the United States! We are grateful and honored by the participation and contributions of educators who took the time to share and grow with us.

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Reflecting Back:

The Road not Taken--and Then Some!

Our Goals for the Project:

  • to guide the exploration of effective grading practices that are accurate, meaningful, consistent, and support learning.
  • to support educators, buildings, and districts in developing transitional strategies relative to the implementation of new practices and policies.

Staying on Track:

Continuing the Journey

Professional Learning and changes involving practice and policy take time. We plan to continue hosting a variety of professional learning collaborative opportunities, and hope you will participate.

Want to get involved? Please contact us if you have ideas, questions, or topics of interest relative to assessment and grading practices. We also welcome potential presenters who would be willing to share their implementation efforts and practical strategies.

Recordings & Resources:

Viewing the Recorded Webinars

Webinar recordings are available below; while they have not been edited, we are sure you will find them extremely helpful. If you need to move ahead in the presentation, you may use the controls at the bottom of the viewing screen. The Lincoln presentation recording was delayed 10 minutes, but you will find the relevant information was captured. Thank you for your understanding!