Helping students adopt and maintain healthy behaviors is at the core of our school counseling program at WRHS. Education and awareness is a critical piece of our students feeling well and making healthy choices.

7 Summertime Activities to Reduce Stress

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, it will soon be summer vacation! Here are some fun summertime activities to help you relax, rest, and re-charge!

1. Picnic.
What better way to brighten your day than to take your lunch outdoors to breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sunshine! Studies suggest that vitamin D can help symptoms of depression, and picnics are a great way to bring people together and connect through some friendly small talk.

2. Go Fishing. Spending a day on the water and interacting with nature breaks you out of your stressful, everyday routine. When your only worry is whether or not you will catch that trout, your mind is set free and any weight on your shoulders is lifted. Mastering an outdoor skill that will last you a lifetime may also boost your self-esteem.

3. Go for a Stroll. Walking for just 30 minutes can relax the mind and boost your mood. With every step you take, your body releases natural pain-killing endorphins that help reduce your stress level. Regular exercise, even if it’s for a short duration of time, can have a large impact on depression and anxiety.

4. Take a Dip. Similar to walking, swimming releases endorphins which decrease symptoms related to anxiety and depression. After a long day, swimming can renew your energy and improve your overall attitude. It is a natural outlet for built-up stress and tension. If you can make it to the beach-even better! The sand and rhythmic sound of the waves put your mind in a calm, meditative state.

5. Try Outdoor Yoga. Yoga is proven to relax your system, release tension, increase focus and improve symptoms of depression. By decreasing your blood pressure and increasing your serotonin levels, yoga is extremely calming and can leave you feeling happier. Taking the practice outdoors on a quiet, summer morning can make it all the more relaxing.

6. Break out the Bike. In addition to its many health benefits, such as increased muscle strength and decreased body fat, biking makes for a healthy mind. Cardio exercise can boost your self-confidence and lower the effects of anxiety and depression. Get those pedals and your heart pumping!

7. Work in the Garden. Get outdoors and plant some seeds! Gardening is the perfect way to spend time in nature while contributing to its beauty all at once. This therapeutic activity can ease stress and improve your mood.

The Most Relaxing Waves Ever- Ocean Sounds to Sleep, Study, and Chill

The Most Relaxing Waves Ever - Ocean Sounds to Sleep, Study and Chill

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Summer Mental Health Resource List

A large part of the WRHS School Counseling Department's role is to assist students and families with mental health and social-emotional concerns. Many times students and families ask us for counseling agencies and other resources and supports. By clicking the button below, you will see a list of summer mental health resources along with clickable links with additional information.

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